Family Counselling and Support Services-Credit and Debt Counselling
This program offers assessment, referrals and counselling for individuals and families who are experiencing debt-related problems or who wish to learn about household money management.
109 Surrey Street East, Guelph
Telephone: 519-824-2431; 1-800-307-7078

Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada
This contains information on the steps to declaring bankruptcy in Canada, alternatives to bankruptcy and consumer’s guide to dealing with debt.

If you are unable to get an LIT to accept your file, or if you cannot afford to hire an LIT, the OSB’s Bankruptcy Assistance Program may be able to help. Contact the OSBC to find out more. Telephone (toll-free): 1-877-376-9902

Law Society Referral Service
This is an online service for referrals to lawyers or paralegals who will provide, a free, up to 30 minute consultation. A crisis line is available Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. The crisis line is intended for people who are unable to use the online service, such as those in custody, in a shelter, or in a remote community without access to the internet. You can ask to be referred to a lawyer or paralegal who speaks languages other than English or French, or a lawyer who accepts legal aid certificates.
Toll-Free Crisis Line: 1-855-947-5255