Help with Abuse and Family Violence Problems

Local Services

Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis
WIC provides safe shelter to women and their children who are experiencing abuse and sexual violence. WIC has 24-hour staffing and runs programs which include:

  • The Sexual Assault Centre
  • Rural Women’s Support Program
  • Transitional Support Program
  • Family Court Support Program

24-hour crisis line: 519-836-5710 or 1-800-265-7233
Day-time phone: 519-836-1110

Victim Services Wellington
Victim Services Wellington gives emotional and practical help to victims of crime, trauma, and tragic circumstances.
In Guelph, call: 519-824-1212, ext. 7304
In Wellington County, call: 519-323-9660

Compass Community Services
Provides counseling, education, support and advocacy services.
Call: 519-824-2431


Luke’s Place (Women Only)
Luke’s Place is a non-profit organization solely devoted to improving the safety and experience of women and their children as they proceed through the family law process after fleeing an abusive relationship. They offer a virtual legal clinic service for Women. The Virtual Legal Clinic provides free summary legal advice to women in Ontario who have been subjected to intimate partner violence by using web-based video conferencing or the telephone to connect women to lawyers.

Telephone: 905-728-0978 ext. 235
Toll Free: 1-866-516-3116 ext. 235

Free, Independent Legal Advice for Victims of Sexual Assault


Ministry of the Attorney General-Trafficking
Free legal advice for survivors of human trafficking, and those at risk of being trafficked.
Human Trafficking Helpline: 1-833-900-1010

Ontario Victim Services Helpline
Call: 1-888-579-2888

The Victim/Witness Assistance Program Support Line
Call 1-888-579-2888 for information about programs and services for victims of crime and their families in your community.

Here 24/7
Call anytime to access addictions, mental health, and crisis services.
Call: 1-844-437-3247, TTY: 1-877-688-5501

Assaulted Women’s Helpline
Free, anonymous and confidential 24-hour telephone and TTY crisis telephone line for women who have experienced any form of abuse in Ontario.
Call: 1-866-863-0511, TTY: 1-866-863-7868

Guelph-Wellington Care & Treatment Centre for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence (Guelph General Hospital)
The Centre has a team of specialized nurses who have training and experience caring for people who have experienced sexual assault and/or domestic violence. Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Go to the Emergency Department and ask to see the Domestic Violence Nurse.
Call: 519-837-6440 ext. 2728
After hours call: 519-837-6440, ext. 2210

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO)
Legal Aid Ontario has a number of services for people who qualify financially, including:

  • certificates to cover the cost of lawyer, if there is a strong possibility you will be sentenced to jail,
  • summary advice and information from a lawyer for up to 20 minutes, and
  • expanded certificates for individuals who identify as First Nations, Metis, and Inuit.

Call: 1-800-668-8258 (collect calls are accepted)

Victim Quick Response Program+

Assists victims of violent crimes with supports to help cover emergency and essential expenses, funerals and counselling costs. The program is for victims and families whose lives have been impacted by violence, including intimate partner violence, human trafficking, homicide, and hate crimes. Applications for funeral and other expenses are due within 45 days of the crime; counseling services within 90 days; serious injury, homicide survivor, and human trafficking victim supports with 1 year.

Telephone the Victim Support Line: 1-888-579-2888

Law Society Referral Service
This is an online service that gives you a free 30-minute consultation with a lawyer or paralegal. A crisis line is available Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.
Toll-free crisis line: 1-855-947-5255

Family Law Education for Women
Legal information on women’s rights on family law issues in 11 languages.

My Safety Plan
This is a safety plan that people in abusive relationships can use to keep themselves and their children safe. The plan has space for people to fill in information that applies to them and “to do” lists to help them stay safe in different places like at home, at work, in public, and online.