Other Help for Tenants

Landlord and Tenant Board
The Landlord & Tenant Board resolves disputes between residential landlords and tenants.
Call: 1-888-332-3234

Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario – Tenant Tip Sheets

City of Guelph – Property Standards and Zoning

The Property Standards Department responds to complaints about by-law infractions. By-laws regulate the general maintenance of properties, including plumbing, electrical, heating and ventilation systems in dwelling units, and yard maintenance.
Call: 519-837-5615, ext. 2526

The Zoning Department inspects units to ensure tenant safety, including fire safety.
Call: 519-837-5615, ext. 1

Rental Housing Enforcement Unit
Contact the Rental Housing Enforcement Unit if you have been locked out of your rental unit by your landlord.
Call: 1-888-772-9277

Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation
Provides information about housing rights and housing.
Call: 1-800-263-1139, ext. 1

Human Rights Legal Support Centre
The Human Rights Legal Support Centre provides legal services to people who believe they have experienced discrimination. The Centre will provide legal assistance to people in taking applications to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.
Call: 1-866-625-5179

Housing Services – County of Wellington
Provides subsidized housing and holds the Centralized Waiting List.
Call: 519-824-7822

Rent Bank
Gives financial help for arrears when low income people are facing eviction.
Call: 519-837-2670, ext. 3712

Housing Stability Program
Gives financial assistance to prevent eviction or to help with last month’s rent deposit for people receiving social assistance. Can also help with utility deposits and arrears.
Call: Your OW caseworker or 519-837-2670, ext. 3712 if you are on ODSP

Emergency Energy Fund & Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)
Gives financial help for heating and hydro costs for low income people or people on social assistance.
Call: 519-837-2670, ext. 3712

Housing Help Centre
A housing registry to help people get affordable housing in the private rental market.
Call:519-837-5492, ext. 4130

Community Resource Centre

Housing Outreach Workers help people find housing and prevent evictions for Wellington County residents.
Call: 519-843-7000 or 1-866-840-3249